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Design and social distancing effect gyms

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As Americans emerge from their safe-at-home cocoons over the next several weeks, many will make their first trip to their gym in two months. Things will obviously be different, but many will not know exactly what to expect until they arrive. Gyms and recreation centers across America are outlining their plans for post-Covid-19 right now in… Read more »


gym equipment for fire departments

Fit Supply is committed to helping firefighters, and law enforcers keep fit as they protect the community. Emergency responders serve best when their bodies are in peak condition. This article aims to help you choose fitness equipment that will maximize your performance and minimize the chances of a work-related injury. MAKING THE MOST OF YOUR… Read more »

How Many Days Per Week Should I Exercise? 


How many days a week should I exercise? The question sounds simple enough, but the answer can be involved. Ultimately, the right response is six days a week, but there are different levels of exercise, and that’s where it gets complicated. Standard Guidelines There are standardized guidelines offered by the Centers for Disease Control and… Read more »

Considerations for Your Health Club Reopening Plan

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The recent Coronavirus pandemic compelled many businesses to close in a bid to curb community spread. These efforts have borne fruit as some states let companies resume operations. President Donald Trump allowed companies to re-open, urging them to follow strict guidelines to prevent a resurgence of the virus. Gyms are among the businesses set to… Read more »

Guidelines for fitness centers for re-opening

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President Donald Trump recently revealed his plans to re-open up the country after the month-long lockdown. Among the institutions allowed to re-open are movie theaters, restaurants, places of worship, and gyms as long as they adhered to the restrictive social distancing protocols. The decision to re-open gyms was pretty shocking for many citizens given that… Read more »

Corporate Fitness Programs

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Corporate wellness programs, also known as employee wellness plans, are initiatives aimed at improving the health of the employees. These initiatives are introduced into the company by the employer for the benefit of the employees. However, as an employer, you have to ensure the wellness program ultimately benefits the company at some point. Health-related issues… Read more »

Fitness Centers for Hotels

Fitness Centers For Hotels

The health and fitness industries are in the midst of a major boom. Consumers are taking their health more seriously than ever before, and for many, the thought of being without gym access while on vacation or traveling for business is unacceptable. In fact, in a recent poll, 48 percent of business travelers ranked a… Read more »

Rental Nation Still in 2019

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Even though the U.S. economy continues to improve, Americans are still house-shy thanks to the housing bust a few years ago. In 2017, Pew Research reported that more households were opting to rent instead of buying a home. The number of renters was at a 50 year high in 2017. Now, two years later nothing has changed…. Read more »

Beef Up Member Programs

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Your members want more. When they join a gym, they are looking for places that will get them motivated to keep coming back and stay in shape. Many fitness centers have been achieving this by finding ways to garner user-generated content, being more interactive on social media, and working to provide members with better programs…. Read more »

The Importance of Strength Training for Golf

Golf Fitness

When you watch a golfing tournament, you don’t tend to think about the work that each player put into his or her game before the show. You see well trained and focused athletes doing what they do best, playing golf. When it comes down to the facts, golf is about precise explosive movements. For most… Read more »