Multi-Family Fitness Centers

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The Importance of fitness centers for multi-family buildings It is safe to say the COVID-19 pandemic has changed just about every business you can think of. The residential/real estate business is no exception. Many businesses had to rethink their strategy given the strict rules regarding lockdowns and quarantines, just to stay in business. However, as… Read more »

World Class Amenities in Multi-family Complexes

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Apartment complexes with world-class amenities are becoming more common. One of the most popular additions – and one with great power to command higher rent – is the fitness center. A fitness center, of course, is little more than a modern term for a gym: A place where members of your apartment community can go… Read more »

Designing the Exercise Experience®

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Design and Fitness: An Essential Guide to Designing a Smart Home Gym Having a home gym allows you to keep fit at home. Partnering with a professional gym designer guarantees a functional and aesthetic at-home workout space. Many people can hardly afford the time to go to a gym studio, especially when they have to… Read more »

Multi-family Fitness Centers Convenience or Lifestyle

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For tenants, a fitness center isn’t just a convenience – it’s key to a lifestyle. As the public health crisis approaches its endgame, tenants have spent months looking for safe and secure ways to continue their workouts. Many of them have cancelled their gym memberships: About 59% of Americans surveyed have no plans to continue… Read more »

COVID-19 Safety: Tips for Fitness Center

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Exercise has become more critical than ever during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you run a fitness center, you can still promote health and fitness by observing local, state, and federal guidelines. Fitness centers in hotels, apartment complexes, and corporate facilities were among the closed amenities during the pandemic’s first wave. However, the centers have since… Read more »

Budgeting, Planning, and Measuring Performance During a Pandemic and Recession

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Rarely in an organization’s lifespan is a budget so vital and yet so difficult to prepare as it will be this year. Schools, government agencies, condominiums and all manner of organizations are struggling under the combined weight of the pandemic, a recession, and social unrest. The pandemic will end. The economy will rebound. Business WILL… Read more »

Commercial Gym Equipment for All Markets

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It is common knowledge that stocking your gym with new commercial gym equipment is a costly undertaking. While used gym equipment may be the last thing on your mind, it is the perfect alternative if you are looking for a cost-friendly option. Why Us? However, it would help if you found a supplier that can… Read more »

New Gym Equipment Manufacturers Continue Innovations

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Regular exercise is important in maintaining your youthfulness and keeping you healthy. Exercise paired with the right equipment can help you achieve the results you’re expecting much faster. Exercise equipment comes in handy when strength training to shape up and tone your body. For men, they can achieve a masculine look while ladies get a… Read more »

Explaining the Uptick in Virtual Training

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Since the introduction of words like COVID19, pandemic, and social distancing in 2020, the term “in-person training” has become almost obsolete. Likewise, so has gym attendance. How have people responded to the changing dynamic? How are people staying healthy amid the uncertainty? You need a healthy alternative mode of fitness. Virtual training equipment has become an… Read more »