Considerations for Your Health Club Reopening Plan

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The recent Coronavirus pandemic compelled many businesses to close in a bid to curb community spread. These efforts have borne fruit as some states let companies resume operations. President Donald Trump allowed companies to re-open, urging them to follow strict guidelines to prevent a resurgence of the virus. Gyms are among the businesses set to… Read more »

Guidelines for fitness centers for re-opening

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President Donald Trump recently revealed his plans to re-open up the country after the month-long lockdown. Among the institutions allowed to re-open are movie theaters, restaurants, places of worship, and gyms as long as they adhered to the restrictive social distancing protocols. The decision to re-open gyms was pretty shocking for many citizens given that… Read more »

Where to get Fitness Equipment

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Where to get Fitness Equipment As the Corona Virus spreads, quarantine measures ramp up. Public gyms, parks, and recreational centers remain closed. Home exercise systems are rapidly becoming hot commodities. There is growing interest from clients who are looking to stay fit during the outbreak. As gyms in the USA close due to concerns of… Read more »

Designing Fitness Centers

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For a fitness facility to meet the needs of all its clients, it has to use all its space well. Optimal use of space improves convenience, safety, and the aesthetics of your facility. That supports your clients in the wellness outcomes they’re striving for. Here’s why professional design is essential for a fitness facility to… Read more »

Corporate Fitness Programs

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Corporate wellness programs, also known as employee wellness plans, are initiatives aimed at improving the health of the employees. These initiatives are introduced into the company by the employer for the benefit of the employees. However, as an employer, you have to ensure the wellness program ultimately benefits the company at some point. Health-related issues… Read more »

Benefits of an Apartment Complex Fitness Center

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Apartment complexes with world class amenities are becoming more common. One of the most popular additions – and one with great power to command higher rent – is the fitness center. A fitness center, of course, is little more than a modern term for a gym: A place where members of your apartment community can… Read more »

Elevating The Residence / Member Experience

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As any multi-unit property manager or owner will inform you, maintaining a better-than-average tenant retention rate is the “Holy Grail” of multi-unit operation. Not only does it reduce your marketing costs in the long run but also helps to build the community at your facility and elevate the user experience – a not insignificant accomplishment…. Read more »

Fitness Centers for Hotels

Fitness Centers For Hotels

The health and fitness industries are in the midst of a major boom. Consumers are taking their health more seriously than ever before, and for many, the thought of being without gym access while on vacation or traveling for business is unacceptable. In fact, in a recent poll, 48 percent of business travelers ranked a… Read more »

Fitness Center Design: How Safety Fits In

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In 2014, almost 25,000 people went to the emergency room after a gym-related injury. Injuries from overexertion or poor technique are common but they are not the only potential dangers fitness centers face. The Centers for Disease Prevention and Control reports one out of every five falls results in serious injury — like ones that can occur from tripping… Read more »

The Amenity Wars Expand to Commercial Office Space

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The days of the traditional office building are fading away as tenants are looking for more. The amenity war may have gotten its start in the residential apartment industry but it’s spreading to other sectors of real estate like commercial office space. The Growing Amenities Trend Michael Schear, an executive with Camber Creek points out that trends… Read more »