Interactive Virtual Fitness Equipment for Apartment Living

New gym equipment

Commercial gyms are becoming more advanced as technology develops. While you can still create your paradise with your favorite pieces of equipment, numerous fitness firms have built virtual fitness equipment for home gyms that include strength training, storage, and video sites that will help you through the workout and even help you make adjustments. These… Read more »

Fitness Centers for Multifamily Complexes

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Gym amenities have become so popular over the years that not having a fitness facility in your apartment can deter possible tenants from moving in. gone are the days when gym amenities were considered luxuries. Today, many tenants look exclusively for apartments with fitness centers and facilities that suit their needs. Fitness club memberships can… Read more »

Budgeting, Planning, and Measuring Performance During a Pandemic and Recession

Budget Planning

Rarely in an organization’s lifespan is a budget so vital and yet so difficult to prepare as it will be this year. Schools, government agencies, condominiums and all manner of organizations are struggling under the combined weight of the pandemic, a recession, and social unrest. The pandemic will end. The economy will rebound. Business WILL… Read more »

Explaining the Uptick in Virtual Training

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Since the introduction of words like COVID19, pandemic, and social distancing in 2020, the term “in-person training” has become almost obsolete. Likewise, so has gym attendance. How have people responded to the changing dynamic? How are people staying healthy amid the uncertainty? You need a healthy alternative mode of fitness. Virtual training equipment has become an… Read more »

Designing Fitness Centers

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For a fitness facility to meet the needs of all its clients, it has to use all its space well. Optimal use of space improves convenience, safety, and the aesthetics of your facility. That supports your clients in the wellness outcomes they’re striving for. Here’s why professional design is essential for a fitness facility to… Read more »

Benefits of an Apartment Complex Fitness Center

Apartment fitness centers

Apartment complexes with world class amenities are becoming more common. One of the most popular additions – and one with great power to command higher rent – is the fitness center. A fitness center, of course, is little more than a modern term for a gym: A place where members of your apartment community can… Read more »

Elevating The Residence / Member Experience

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As any multi-unit property manager or owner will inform you, maintaining a better-than-average tenant retention rate is the “Holy Grail” of multi-unit operation. Not only does it reduce your marketing costs in the long run but also helps to build the community at your facility and elevate the user experience – a not insignificant accomplishment…. Read more »

Fitness Center Design: How Safety Fits In

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In 2014, almost 25,000 people went to the emergency room after a gym-related injury. Injuries from overexertion or poor technique are common but they are not the only potential dangers fitness centers face. The Centers for Disease Prevention and Control reports one out of every five falls results in serious injury — like ones that can occur from tripping… Read more »

The Amenity Wars Expand to Commercial Office Space

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The days of the traditional office building are fading away as tenants are looking for more. The amenity war may have gotten its start in the residential apartment industry but it’s spreading to other sectors of real estate like commercial office space. The Growing Amenities Trend Michael Schear, an executive with Camber Creek points out that trends… Read more »

Improving The Residence Experience

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Every multi-family property owner wants to attract high-quality residents into their multi-family community. High-quality residents are the types of people that will make your life easier, treat the complex or development as a community, and pay rent on time. In order to attract this type of person consider doing what you can to improve the… Read more »