Fitness Center Design or Disaster?

gym design

How to Create the Best Gym Layout? Every year, thousands of gym-goers are injured while working out at their local fitness center. Who would have thought that trying to get healthy was so hazardous to your health?

These numbers include injuries that occurred at multi-housing, apartment, and hotel fitness gyms. While many of these accidents can be attributed to a lack of stretching or improper use of equipment, a large portion of them are also due to a poor fitness center design.

From trips and falls to machine breakdowns, maintaining a high level of safety in your gym is crucial to protecting your tenants and avoiding potential lawsuits.

Let’s take a look at two things you should be aware of when putting together your fitness center design.

Finding the Best Layout

Many multi-housing locations want their gyms to have as much diversity as possible when it comes to fitness equipment. This often means packing in as many workout machines, free weights, and yoga mats as they can. It can also mean hazards around every corner.

While it’s always nice to maximize the available space, it is more important and cost-effective to choose a fitness center layout focused on both efficiency and safety. There are ideal measurements to keep a healthy distance between equipment like treadmills, ellipticals, and the walls they are placed next to.

These vital designations make everything in the gym accessible while placing an added emphasis on preventing injury.

Choose Proper Flooring

This may sound like a trivial venture, but the type of flooring used in a fitness center plays a critical role in maintaining the safety of individuals using the gym. Some may go with carpet which can lead to rug burns, poor aesthetics, and foul odors. Others might have wood flooring which lacks traction, making slips a frequent occurrence in the workout area.

Though few people who visit the gym will care what the floor looks like, it is arguably one of the most crucial aspects of the entire space.

Many fitness centers have come to recognize rubber flooring as the safest and most eco-friendly choice. This recycled option prevents slippery spots, provides effective impact resistance, and has the durability necessary to last for years to come.

Ready to Design the Perfect Fitness Center Layout?

Putting together a high-quality gym takes a great deal of time, effort, and industry knowledge. Safety and efficiency must stay at the forefront of the design plans when deciding what equipment to use and where it should be placed.

The best way to ensure everything is done properly is to hire a professional to assist with the layout process. Here at Fit Supply, we don’t only offer quality fitness machines and accessories. Our team is specially trained to design fitness centers for apartments, hotels, and other multi-housing establishments.

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