The Importance of Strength Training for Golf

Golf Fitness

When you watch a golfing tournament, you don’t tend to think about the work that each player put into his or her game before the show. You see well trained and focused athletes doing what they do best, playing golf. When it comes down to the facts, golf is about precise explosive movements.

For most people to become great at this type of sport, they need to undergo conditioning while training to perfect that swing. Tiger Woods himself is quoted saying, “physical fitness over the long haul is key; you just never get tired.” In addition to preventing exhaustion psychical fitness balance the mind, strengthen the core, prevent, and remediate injury.

More than half even up to 70% of players are playing in pain of some sort due to a golfing injury. Injuries affect golfers of all skill levels and capabilities. Everyone from the avid to the lackadaisical golfer that spend most of their time at the bar are at risk, and most of them are already in pain.

The healthier your players are, the more they will play, and the more people they will bring with them. This will result in higher membership rates and increased revenue for your course. Adding a fitness center with options for physical therapy and access to educated trainers will show your members that you want to see them do well and come back next season.

Installing a top of the line fitness center in your clubhouse and touting the importance of psychical and mental fitness to your members will:

  • Increase the overall health of your membership.
  • Give your course an additional selling point.
  • Show current and prospective members that you care about the state of their health.
  • Increase membership and revenues.

People that use the course will be inspired to pay for a membership when they have the option to use a fitness center. If your fitness center includes programming specifically designed to keep golfers fit and at the top of their game you will convert greens fees into full memberships.

Another point to bear in mind is that the fitness fad has turned into more of a trend over the last decade. The fitness industry has been growing steadily and is projected to continue to grow. People are increasingly aware of the states of their bodies and looking for the best ways to take care of them.

If your country club or golf course is interested in designing a fitness center to keep your member base physically and mentally healthy, contact Fit Supply today. We offer full design and auditing services. We can help you design a top of the line facility and choose equipment that your members will gush over, give us a call today.