Impact of a Corporate Fitness Center on the Company’s Bottom Line

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Employee fitness programs started to gain popularity in the United States in the 1990s. Programs were put in place to do things like improve morale and productivity. Recently, fitness has become more than just a trend for people in the US; it’s a way of life. Corporations that provide dazzling fitness centers to the increasingly finicky American worker will better obtain and retain the best workers than corporations that do not.

The bottom line is, companies offering fitness centers have a better employee hiring and retention edge than those that don’t. The Society for Human Resource Management reported that in 2017, hiring a new employee cost on average, $4,129 and takes 42 days. Keep in mind this is the average hiring cost for all industries across the US.

As a contrast, in 2018, it has been estimated to cost companies around $50,000 to hire a full-time developer. Half of the cost here is incurred when a company uses a recruiter. Let it be an example that hiring skilled talent for your company is not inexpensive. Retaining good people should be at the top of your list.

If it costs $50,000 to hire a new skilled employee these days, how much does it cost to install a fitness center? To hire a designer, contractors, and make all purchases will cost between $30 – $80 per square foot in rented space. You could certainly get away with a few top of the line refurbished machines and some other basic equipment for around half of the cost that you will pay to hire a new developer.

Here are some items to consider when you are planning the gym for your new employee wellness program:

  • Number of On-Site Employees
  • Current Expenses for Gym Memberships (this will give you an idea of the employee ratio that will use the gym)
  • How Much Space You Have Available
  • Your Budget Cap

Once you have a good understanding of these metrics, think about giving a professional designer and supplier in your area a call. A vendor like Fit Supply can help you plan, design, choose equipment, install, and service your gym in greater Texas. We will work closely with your employee wellness department to keep your project on time and within your budget, give us a call today at 877-344-3368!