Corporate Fitness Programs

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Corporate wellness programs, also known as employee wellness plans, are initiatives aimed at improving the health of the employees. These initiatives are introduced into the company by the employer for the benefit of the employees. However, as an employer, you have to ensure the wellness program ultimately benefits the company at some point.

Health-related issues that employees may face include obesity, smoking and drinking, back problems, psychologically related conditions such as depression, and so forth. Corporate wellness programs help employees manage or recover from such issues by bringing on-board counsellors, creating gyms for exercises, among others.

Doing this keeps your employees healthy and enhances performance, which in turn brings better results for your business. If you’re interested in engaging your employees with a wellness program, here are a few uncommon aspects to consider.

Ensure Employee Comfort with Furniture

Employees spend most of their day at work. This means that the desk they use, the chair they sit on, office lighting, and other furnishing aspects should be as comfortable as humanly possible.

When it comes to the office chair, consider the employee’s back and neck as well as their legs, elbows, and arms. An ergonomic chair made of a high quality fabric supports the back and neck comfortably, helping them avoid back problems and issues like a counselors muscle pull.

The desk should at least level with the tummy to help lean forward comfortably, and have enough space for the legs to hover. As the employer, find out what specific issues your employee might have, and get them the right furniture. As the employee needs change with time, address them accordingly.

Employee Safety with Equipment

Aside from your legal duties as an employer, it’s important to consider employee safety when it comes to equipment handling. Depending on what production activities your company takes up, you have to introduce safety measures.

If your company deals with chemical and lab equipment, then bring in overalls, face masks, and gloves for employees to wear. If they deal with hot plates and welding devices, get the right attire and protection for them. Employees will be motivated to work, knowing that they are safe from burns and toxic inhalations.

Use Attractive Program Facilities

A good corporate wellness program includes attractive features that make candidates want to work for your company, and employees want to work longer for you. Such features include gymnasiums where they can do exercises after work each day. You can have a swimming pool which is also good for exercising. Such facilities are attractive and motivating while at the same time profitable to the employee’s health.

The Bottom Line

As earlier mentioned, the end game is a win-win for your company and employees. Excellent mental health keeps them focused on their work, while great physical health keeps them energetic at work and able to take on any task ahead. It curbs absenteeism and improves work productivity.

On the other hand, showing you care for your employees and making an effort for them improves their morale to work. This means your company activities are running as they should and will meet your sales targets for the month or year. Lastly, a corporate wellness program saves the employee health care costs, which is known to eat a great deal in the annual budget.