Beef Up Member Programs

Interactive consoles by matrix

Your members want more. When they join a gym, they are looking for places that will get them motivated to keep coming back and stay in shape. Many fitness centers have been achieving this by finding ways to garner user-generated content, being more interactive on social media, and working to provide members with better programs.

Your Programming

You can put all of the hype out there on social media that you want; if you don’t have the substance at your establishment, people will not stay or become members. Your programming is going to be the basis for people joining your gym.

What do you have to offer that other gyms don’t? Do you have:

  1. Really nice equipment and low rates?
  2. Highly sought after trainers?
  3. Are you the only yoga spot in town?
  4. Do you offer other services like meal planning?

When people join a gym, they are usually doing so because they want to get in shape. People often stop participating at their gyms because they do not see the results that they want right away, and they lose interest. How do you keep new members happy and engaged without someone having to spend on personal trainers? You use equipment that does it for you.

Equipment Directed Programming

Matrix fitness equipment includes software and applications that your customers can interact with regularly. The applications include workout-tracking; there are also chances for people to interact with personal trainers. A personal trainer can also easily keep track of many members progress by using an app with very little extra work involved.

With Matrix equipment, you can also set up your own workout-tracking community. There are so many things that can be done with this. Give members individualized challenges, create group challenges, make fitness fun, and engaging for everyone.

Using applications to create virtual workouts, where members can join in on the Tour de France, or run on a beach in Bali, and receive coaching from some o the best instructors in the world will get people talking about your gym. Not only that, but, you will have the devices and equipment to back up the buzz. Call about having Matrix consoles and other equipment installed in your gym today!

For more information about member programming contact Fit Supply.