Top 5 Apartment Amenities For ROI

multi-family fitness centers

Apartment amenities are essential to maximizing rents and returns. Before investing in apartment amenities, it’s important to evaluate existing amenities and what could easily be added. Here are the top 5 apartment amenities to boost ROI and get the most for your money:

  • Co-working Center: 43% of Americans work from home at least sometimes. Establishing a business center with office space can attract higher end residents and provide them with a valuable working space. Not to mention, it is inexpensive to do. All you need is wi-fi, a Keurig, and some tables.
  • Pet Center: Having an area for pets is a great bonus for residents. 63% of millennials believe their pets should be well-taken care of. Since apartments and apartment pets have limited space inside, outdoor space is ideal. But if cold or rainy weather is common, you could also consider an indoor pet area. The pet center could have a washing station, too.
  • Package Lockers: Online shopping is bigger than ever. Rather than having your staff handle package delivery, set up a locker system. This will provide convenience and security for all apartment residents.
  • Bike Racks: The U.S. Census reports that biking to work has increased by 60%. Build a well-located bike-rack/room that protects from the elements and keeps bikes secure. Also, make it easy to enter and exit. Residents will appreciate the ease-of-use and your dedication to saving the environment.
  • Fitness Centers: Voted the number 1 amenity for many years now, fitness centers are a must for any apartment complex! If space and budget allow, couples like to work out together, but don’t like to leave their kids behind. Building a multi-family fitness center or pool can significantly boost your returns.

If you are considering investing in your apartment complex, first consider if you have room for a fitness center. From full-service gyms with classes to small, hotel-like fitness rooms, both can boost your returns and make your building more attractive.

Deciding on what equipment to include in your fitness center can be a head-scratcher. We’ve got you covered. Read our blog Improving The Residence Experience.