Matrix Fitness

Matrix Fitness Commercial Fitness is revolutionizing the way clubs and fitness facilities conduct business. They were the first to introduce the Hybrid Cycle and Ascent Trainer products to this market. They made it clear that bikes could be intuitive and user-friendly and they were pioneers in provided strength equipment with oversized tubular construction.

History of Matrix Fitness

Owned by Johnson Health Tech, a company that has been producing fitness equipment for over four decades, today Matrix is one of the fastest growing brands worldwide. They partner with greats like Phil Cambell and Johnny G to design products that are more creative and appealing than anything else on the market. With each award, the Matrix brand proves its superiority over other fitness brands.

Superior Matrix Products

For clubs and gyms, Matrix products like the Ascent Trainers and ClimbMills take things to the next level by offering workout options customers can’t find just anywhere else. Both programs have super smart designs with easy to control end-user consoles.

The Matrix treadmills come with dynamic response drive systems for a smooth and energy-efficient workout. There is a treadmill that is the right size and price for everyone, too.

Group-Training Cardio Solutions

Matrix also offers group-training solutions such as the S-Drive Performance Trainer. It is a true to life sled pushing experience with eight sled brake settings. The adjustable harness means easy entry and exit and the self-powered design allows for easy moving anywhere in the facility.

A Diverse Range of Strength Training Options

Matrix provides everything from single-station trainers to multi-station to free weights and accessories. The Strength Training Ultra Series offers a wide range of single station workout products with intelligent training consoles for a connected strength training experience. The Versa Functional Trainers’ compact design allows businesses to use spaces that were once left empty.

Matrix Fitness Commercial Fitness continues to be the brand to watch year and year, design after design. In 2018, this company became Golds Gym’s vendor of the Year for the fifth time. Smart technology and intuitive designs are a winning combination in fitness and Matrix has both.

Fit Supply is a proud authorized Matrix Fitness Distributor.  We sell throughout the Dallas, Texas area.