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Fitness Journey
At Core Health & Fitness, we are more than just an ordinary facility full of workout equipment. We represent a family of fitness equipment vendor with a reputable track record in dealing with authorized commercial gym equipment across the world. Whether you are planning to start your fitness journey or just looking to improve your gym, Core Health & Fitness will ensure you have the right tools to succeed.

The qualified team at Core Health & Fitness has decades of experience in distributing and servicing high-quality commercial fitness equipment. In addition to selling fitness equipment, we also provide an array of unique products and services that include fitness equipment, facility design and equipment layout, maintenance and servicing of fitness equipment. Our team is highly trained to ensure you get the right fitness equipment that meets your needs.

What You Get
We offer a range of products that are categorized into a specific brand, nature of the exercise, and type of workout. We deal with some of the top manufacturers in the commercial fitness equipment industry, so you can choose from StairMaster®, StarTrac®, Nautilus®, and Schwinn®. We understand that offering a full range of different workout programs and strength equipment will provide the right kind of workout routine you need to be successful in the long run. Therefore, we have categorized our workouts sessions into cardio, high intensity, group cycling, and strength training. Customers across the world can count on us for a variety of workout program and equipment for every member of their facility. In addition, we offer specialized programs designed with specific fitness goals in mind where you can choose from main floor cardio, consoles & display options, indoor cycling sessions, and more.

Commercial Gym Equipment:

Cardio Equipment:

Strength Equipment

A Culture of Drive
As the leaders in health and fitness equipment distribution, we go an extra mile to ensure our customers receive an exceptional experience from the start to end. We strive to develop an all-round fitness solution that gets the whole world moving, and most of all, achieve their fitness needs. Our fitness culture revolves around what our products stand for — core health and fitness.

Though many of you have heard about us, the best way to know and understand everything about our products and services is to use them every day. Helping gym owners and fitness enthusiasts to understand what equipment to use to live healthier lives is our ultimate goal. And our family is committed to ensuring our members achieve this level of success.

Fit Supply sells Core Health and Fitness Products (Star Trac, Nautilus, Schwinn, Stairmaster) throughout the Dallas, Texas area.  Contact us at for more information.