Popular Workouts Using Strength Machines

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A strength machine offers the most efficient way to target key muscle groups. Gyms can guide their clients to follow a set pattern for exercises, such as doing certain shoulder workouts one day of the week and chest on the next. Consider some workouts for three key areas.

Shoulder Workout

There are several good shoulder workouts that make use of a strength machine including two that target muscles often missed in other programs.

Cable Reverse Flye

Targets the rear head of the deltoid muscle. Attach D-handles to the cable machine using the upper pulley. Grab the left handle with the right hand and the right handle with the left hand. Step to the center. Straighten the elbows and pull each handle to the opposite side holding them at shoulder level before returning to start.

One arm Cable Lateral raise

While you have the D-handles out, attach one to the low pulley and stand next to it. Hold the handle with the hand furthermost from the machine. Tighten the abs and raise that arm to extend it fully at shoulder level and hold.

Chest Workout

Using a strength machine for a chest workout offers some unique benefits. It makes it easier to do slow repetitions, for instances. One of the top machine exercises for this muscle group is the seated chest press. It works the deltoids and latissimus dorsi muscles along with the biceps.

Seated Chest Press

Move the bench of the chest press machine to the seated position and sit. Your feet should be firmly on the floor. Grasp the handles with your thumb circling around it. Push the bars out until your arms fully extend and hold then return to start.

Ab Workout

Most don’t look to the strength machine for an ab workout but it offers some choices that don’t require you to hang from a bar and lie on the floor.

Cable Oblique Crunch

Attach the D-handles to the low pulley and stand next to it. Grab the handle with the hand nearest to the machine. Place the other hand lightly behind your head. Engage your obliques as you lean away from the machine, bending at the waist. Do 10 to 15 repetitions and then switch sides.

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