The Benefits of Using Fit Supply and Advanced Digital Cardio Machines

Interactive consoles by matrix

Fit Supply offers high end gym equipment for your gym.

At Fit Supply you get top of the line equipment, years of experience and the ability to mix and match brands and new and used gym equipment. FitSupply also offers the best in digital equipment including Star Trac and Matrix cardio machines.

The Star Trac and Matrix gym equpment offer some of the best digital options on the market today. Pairing up the digital capabilities of these machines and Fit Supply you have a winning combination for any type of gym.

Benefits of Fit Supply and Digital Cardio

As a gym owner, you want to track all of your gym metrics. The Star Trac and Matrix machines do all of the work for you. The consoles are set up to track use, as well as wear and tear.

You no longer need to wait for a customer to slip on a loose belt or complain about a broken part. The machine will tell you. If you chose, the machine will talk to the Fit Supply system and an Fit Supply can alert you to do needed maintenance.

With everything fully automated you have very little to worry about other than your customers and light cleaning around your gym. Your customers will love these machines as well.

Both the Star Trac and Matrix consoles are capable of storing individual user information. Users can keep track of their progress and share it on social media.

The Star Trac machine allows users to connect to their Apple Watch. This technology lets users track any metric available from apple along with the machine. It also lets users access their own media files, where they can view videos or play music from the machines console.

The 7xi Matrix console is similar to the Star Trac console. On the 7xi users can access their entertainment and social media feeds from the console. The console also allows users to store workout data and keep track of progress.

Word of mouth is still the most powerful marketing tool in the box. Generate chatter around your facility with the Star Trac and Matrix 7xi consoles on all your cardio machines.

Both machines give gym owners the ability to allow and restrict access to different types of media. This gives gym owners full reign over the user experience. Which in turn allows you to build your brand through the use of these machines.

Both machines will automatically update with new materials as they are uploaded to the cloud. Equipment owners can also add features as they see fit.

As you can see Fit Supply will keep your gym on the cutting edge.  Using Fit Supply and innovative digital equipment such as this can help you to build a facility that everyone will be talking about.

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